Xpress Review

Xpress Review


Coming in at #3 on our top 5 sex site list is Xpress.com. We love it for it’s hot members and 100% guarantee that you’ll get laid within the first few days.

What do you do when searching for a hipster’s sex paradise? You do what I did, you sign up and enjoy all the beards and plaid you can handle on Xpress.com.

All joking aside, there are more than just a plethora of hipster hotties on here and when you get past the leather jackets and knit scarves, you’ll find a great hookup in your city. Like most casual sex dating sites, the singles on here are looking for quick sex so you will find a one night stand.

There are some reviews that called this site a “scam” and said that “there’s no way you’re getting laid here” so I wanted to see for myself and all I can say is that whoever gave those reviews must’ve been talking about another site.

Xpress.com, like any other dating site, has its ups and downs but it’s definitely not a scam and I guarantee that you will get laid if you want to. Xpress finished at #3 on our sex site dating list but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t live up to our expectations. It did its job as far as a sex site goes and the members sure were easy on the eyes.


The Results Of Being A Member For 3 Months

I really enjoyed meeting people and talking with singles on Xpress. It was hard to keep track of all the messages I sent because no one really sends e-mails on here, it’s mostly instant messages. I did manage to send one e-mail a day and here are my results.

-90 messages sent and 78 messages sent back -50 first dates were set up and 50 of them happened -I hooked up with 31 of those 50 dates

I would say without a doubt that as far as a dating site goes, those numbers equal success. I also chose to message singles that were online often, seemed eager to find a one night stand, and who were extremely attractive.

What Worked On Xpress.com

When you’re on any dating site, you have to go after singles that you know are a sure thing. Your success in sex depends on how well you play the sex site game.

-I only sent messages to singles that were online often, that way I knew I’d be more likely to get a response. -If one of your matches seems eager to have a one night stand, start there. Your success in hooking up rises when you find someone who wants a quick lay. -I didn’t waste my time messaging singles that I was only semi attracted to. A dating site is your playground, so pick up matches who really grab your attention and go for it.

This worked for me and my hookup rate was better because I went after what I wanted.

Tips & Tricks Of The Site

When you sign up there is an option to fill out a 50 question survey that gets down to the last detail and ensures that Xpress.com‘s algorithm sets you up with the best matches for you. I would suggest you take advantage of this and spend your time talking to people you know you’ll hit it off with. I did it and I was shocked at how well matched my matches were with me.

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Xpress also has the option to make a video version of your profile. It’s a whole new way to see what people are really like without relying on pictures and words. Just imagine for a second how hot it is to see a 10 second video of one of your hottest matches before you send them a message. It’s the future of online dating profiles.

The Downside Of Xpress.com

If you don’t take the time to fill out the member questionnaire, you will be disappointed with the matches you get. They will be a mixture of amazing and desperate singles and you’ll have to pick through profiles which can take up useful hookup time. Don’t skip the questions or you’ll drown in a sea of average fish.

Why Signing Up Is A Great Idea

-The site is free and free is always good. -There is a date for everyone regardless of sexuality, personal preference, and hotness level. -It’s easy to sign up. -It’s personally tailored to each and every member. -There are over a million singles online from all around the world. -No matter where you’re located, there are thousands of singles online just in your area alone.

Whoever called this site a “scam” didn’t know about the wonders waiting inside to be discovered. I’m assuming if someone didn’t like this site it would have to be because they didn’t take the time to activate their profile and answer the questions that get you the matches you want.

There is nothing about this site that rips you off or misleads you in any way. You get what you came for, casual sex dating. If you want a one night stand or are lonely and looking to get laid fast, this is the site for you. After 30 days I can confidently say that I got exactly what I came here for and I’m confident that you will get what you want out of this site as well.

Join because it’s free, it’s personal, and the singles are hot. Stay because it’s easy to get laid and the singles are HOT. There’s a lot to do on here when you’re a single looking to hook up. Take advantage of the free services like video chats and web cams and enjoy the video profiles of your favorite matches teasing you along the way. This site is on my top 5 list of sex sites that you should try this year.