One night stands aren’t only fun, exciting, and feel amazing, but science shows that they’re good for you too. Feel better about having multiple partners! It’s becoming more socially acceptable to skip the relationship and dive into one night stand dating, whatever that definition is to you. Typically it’s about having sex with people with no intention of anything further. You’re not interested in anything serious, and that’s okay, it’s in your genes! So the next time someone asks why it’s so hard for you to settle down, you can respond that it’s in your DNA and that you’re fine with it, so they should be too. You don’t really need to give anyone an explanation and you probably won’t be asked that often anyway. Maybe from the older generations in your family who are living with a different dating ideal but in reality, things are changing; dating is changing, and one night stands are more and more common than ever before. So go out there and have as many as you want and know that your brain and body are thanking you for it.


You are full of hormones that are calling out for sex. You could be sitting around having your morning coffee and all of a sudden, you can’t help yourself but think of all the naughty things you could be doing instead. You think about sex and you get this rush of dopamine that stops all other thoughts for a moment. You can’t think of anything else and you wish that you had someone there, right now, to jump on like a hungry lion. This rise in dopamine happens when you are excited or when you feel good and we all know that happens right before and during sex. The euphoria that comes after is another reason to crave the act over and over again. Your brain reacts the same way if you go out for a jog or eat your favorite food. It’s the good stuff that makes you feel happy. Why wouldn’t you want that feeling over and over again? This is why we have multiple sex partners when we’re not in a relationship. If you’re in a relationship, you can have as much sex as the other person allows and in a good, healthy relationship that could be anywhere from 3-5 times a week or more. When you’re single and want sex, you could realistically have sex every night if you wanted to. That’s why it’s so tempting to be solo and having multiple one night stands. With every new partner comes another good juice jolt to the brain that leaves you satisfied. We asked singles on the sites we reviewed to give us an idea of what they love about casual flings and the #1 answer was how they made them feel. There’s no surprise there. If you want to feel good and you’re looking for that feeling tonight, find a one night stand and make it happen.


You know that your body tells you when you’re into something or not and whether you know it or not, your subconscious signs are as plain as day. When we are excited or happy, the obvious things like smiling, our voices increasing in pitch, and our words coming out just a little faster than normal, are all apparent. Someone could look at you and know that you’re in a good mood. On the flip side when we frown, cross our arms, and get quiet, it’s not hard for someone to see that we’re not feeling the situation. There are also things that can show whether or not we’re interested in a sexual partner. When the happy chemicals in your brain are active and when the pheromones of a potential sex partner have taken over your being, there are things you do without even realizing that you’re doing them. We lean into someone we’re attracted to because we want to get closer. Ladies cross their legs in the direction of their mate when they feel an attraction. We touch our hair, rub our arms, make motion in someone‚Äôs direction when we’re feeling attracted. We do everything we can, sometimes without knowing, to show the other person that we want to get physical. When you’re out at a club, you can tell who’s into you or not by these subconscious actions. If you’ve narrowed in on a potential sex partner and are trying to see if they’re interested or not, all you have to do is read the signs. Are they pulling away, checking their phone and not making eye contact? Those would be great indicators to move on. If you notice the person licking their lips, laughing, flipping their hair, or touching your arm, you’re in for some fun tonight. Play your cards right and that chemistry could turn into something a lot more physical. Your body knows what it wants and although men and women have a different makeup, there are surefire ways to tell if you’re going to get laid tonight.


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You might think that you can’t continue having one night stands. That eventually you’ll have to give in and start a ‘normal’ relationship, but why? If you are more comfortable with fly by night flings than any other relationship, why do you need to change? One night stands are forming habits of letting things go, adapting to change, and determination. These characteristics are also being used in other parts of your life and you might not even know it. Your job and family life could be benefiting from these new ways. As long as you are polite about your one night stands and aren’t hurting feelings in the process, you could be onto something great. When you jump into the one night stand lifestyle, it’s a no brainer that you have to set expectations. Searching one night stand personals and meeting singles who have the same expectations is your best bet. You never want to give anyone false hope or set yourself up for failure. The better you act in a one night stand situation, the higher your chances are of beefing up your booty call list to eliminate the search altogether. The more time you spend building a good base means more pleasure for you. As much as we wish that no one would walk into a situation with expectations, they are bound to be there. You’re job is to make sure that you aren’t promising anything you can’t deliver. When it’s in your DNA to be young, wild and free, you want to let everyone that you become sexually involved with know that too. Don’t risk being the subject of a failed one night stand when the other person is expecting phone calls or adding you to their social media pages. Be smart about one night stand dating and you’ll be good to go in your sex and personal lives.

Your body knows what it wants and will fill your mind in simultaneously. Tune into your inner chemical reactions and let nature take its course. Sex is great for you as long as you’re smart about it. Don’t give up your casual affair ways and enjoy what mother nature gave you: the desire to reload your feel good chemicals over and over again. Enjoy the rush as many times as you can handle because what goes up, must come down and it doesn’t last forever. The beauty is, you can recreate that feeling as many times as you like with new sex partners. You’ll know that these sex partners are feeling you by the way they act and the way they move. Tune into the actions that wouldn’t normally be on the top of your mind and you might see things you’ve never seen before. The human body is a wonderful thing and without even knowing it, it’s showing and telling us what our true desires are and it’s leading you toward sexual satisfaction every chance it gets. Let your body and mind lead the way and do whatever it feels comfortable with. When your friends are asking how you can go on so long without locking down a relationship, tell them it’s in your blood. Your body is telling you what you need sexually and you choose not to ignore what it’s telling you. They might just start listening to their own bodies more and opening themselves up to a more exciting, sexual experience. You might just be teaching them something that they already subconsciously know but just need a little push to embrace. Go, you!