What do you want to know about one night stands? We’ll give you the only one night stand definition you need to feel comfortable with your casual affairs. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a one night stand as “a situation in which you have sex with someone once and you do not continue in a relationship afterwards.” While this is true, if it were so easy, we wouldn’t need to go into more detail, but we do. One night stands are just that, one night plans to have sex and then move on. What if there’s more to it than that? What if someone catches feelings for you? What if the sex was so good that you have to go back for more? These are all factors in what a one night stand actually looks like and we have to look into them a little more to get a better definition.


You’ve had a one night stand so you know that there is some thought that goes into making sure it goes smoothly. You want to make sure that your sexual partner wants the same thing, is okay with the same outcome, and isn’t looking for anything serious afterwards. Singles on the sites we’ve recently reviewed are all on the same page, so this is a good place to start. First of all, you have to know where to start to find the right people for a great one night stand. If you look on other dating sites, you might be shocked at how many people say they want a one night stand but are actually looking for something more. It’s not always intentional but it happens and people can start having feelings for someone who they just had the best sex of their lives with. You want that feeling over and over again and it’s been known to happen where someone falls so far in lust with someone that they mistake it for love. All of a sudden the rose colored glasses go on and everything the person does becomes perfect and you want more out of them. You want to see them more, you want to set up another date, and now it’s become something more than a casual fling. You won’t find that in the dictionary’s definition of a one night stand.


BeNaughty.com and EasySex.com are strictly for those against relationships. Singles have a ‘no feelings involved’ mentality and are sticking to it. If you want to find a good lay without the worry of it turning into more, these are great sites for you. The biggest fear is entering a casual agreement and having someone fall head over heels making it next to impossible to cut them loose. Thus, a one night stand becomes less about just having sex and breaking it off to finding someone who wants to keep it casual from the beginning and then deciding on whether to have sex or not. Also, have you ever thought of the potential of this person being a friend or possibly part of a larger social group? Will you have to see this person again? All of a sudden, it may not be so simple to just cut them off. If you have to see a one night stand sexual partner again, you’ll either have to deal with the fact that you had great sex with this person and want to do it again or the sex was so bad you can’t look that person in the face. Now, as simple as a one night stand should be, it’s turned into something much more. The definition of a one night stand becomes so wavering that you have to look at it from all angles.


The bottom line is that a one night stand may not be the same for everyone and as much as you’d wish it were black and white, there will at times, be a grey area. You will have to determine what a one night stand looks like to you and how you’ll deal with the after effects. You might need to really screen your potential partners and hope that at the end of the day, you end up on the same page. Making sure there’s no room for misunderstanding. The best kind of one night stands are the ones that happen when you’re a little tipsy, you go home on a whim and never get the chance to make small talk, and therefore have no need for further conversation afterwards. As much as online dating is better for those who want to pick and choose, sometimes you have to take caution when you want a fly by night fling. There are many upsides to online dating and you’ll see just how great it can be when you can tailor your dating life to your needs. The one downside is that you will have to be a little bit selective to ensure you’re picking the right people for the one night stand job. You don’t want to end up in a stage 5 cling-on situation that can mess up your chances for your next one night stand.

If a definition can be so all over the place, you might think ‘what’s the point?’ but there is a point to taking small measures for great pleasure. The best part is that you can get exactly what you want. The kind of sex that you’ve been dreaming about and wishing and hoping for is right there at your fingertips. It’s all on you to find those perfect sexual partners that you’ll be bragging to your friends about for years to come. With dating sites like the ones mentioned above, you won’t have to look too hard or worry about making bad choices. There are millions of singles looking for the same thing you are and with no expectations of anything happening after and that’s what you really want.


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Now that you have all of the facts and you know that it’s not so obvious what a one night stand is, what’s your definition of a one night stand? Do you still have the idea that it’s just sex and nothing else? Do you think there’s more to it than just one night of passion and then the ability to forget it all and move on? When we polled singles on our top reviewed casual sex dating sites on how they would define a one night stand, there were too many answers to group together. The gist of it is, yes, one night stands are all about one night. Not two or three nights but one night of hot passion and sex that leads to nothing further. No phone calls, no e-mails, no casual coffee dates.

There are, however, more factors that come into play and are summed up in our article above. Your attraction to the other person is just the beginning and after that comes the ability to decide whether the other person is okay with sex and only sex. Maybe you’re the one who can’t let go after a good lay. Maybe you need to decide if one night stands are right for you, too. Are you able to have the best sex of your life and walk away? Can you let go of a great sexual connection and move on to the next? It’s not that easy to turn away great sex when you’ve found it.

It’s amazing what contributes to a casual hookup and how easy or not it can be to move on. Figuring out where you fit into it all is the most important part. It’s always easy to look to someone else to set the pace or call the shots but you can’t forget to turn the lens on yourself as well. It’s a lot easier to turn away a second date when you’re so drunk that you forget all the details to the night before waking up in someone else’s apartment but when you’re actively searching for the right person to hook up with, things get interesting. Online dating is a whole new world that you may not have considered before but in the end it’s about the importance of a good quality lay versus an unexpected hookup at a bar that might just be the worst experience of your life. Now is your chance to decide what a one night stand means to you and to go after the thing you really desire. As easy as a one night fling should be, it gets a little more interesting when you start looking at it from all possible angles.