GetItOn Review

GetItOn Review


Find time to check out and see why it made our top list of hot new sex sites. Read on to find out what we thought of our time as a member. Once you get past the sign up stage where you’ll answer a bunch of mandatory questions that will generate great matches, you’ll love GetItOn.

It’s not free but the price is affordable and well worth it. The price goes down the longer you’re a member, which is a great perk and for the 3 months I joined I paid less than $50 and got a month for FREE. Not a bad deal at all. The best part of a site that isn’t free is that you know there are singles on here who are serious about dating. I found that not one of my matches was here to play games. Everyone wanted to find a casual sex partner, get laid and then come back for more. That’s all there is to this site and there’s always someone online to talk to.

I enjoyed filling out the questionnaire because it made me think of things that I’d want out of a sexual relationship that I might not have thought of before. If I was really going to get what I wanted, I’d have to think about it and when it was all said and done, I found that my matches were better because I took the time to be honest and open up about what I wanted to get out of a one night stand or casual fling.


The Results Of Being A Member For 3 Months

I sent messages to matches that were a 70% match or higher and there were quite a few so I didn’t have to search hard.

-Out of 100 messages sent, 75 replied -I planned to meet up with 50 of my matches and 42 showed up -I hooked up with 20 of those matches

It’s tough to beat those numbers, especially with a sex site. You always know there will be some people who are all talk but then you get to meet the ones who are serious about hooking up and it makes the experience that much better.

Did I have fun on my dates? Yes.

Were my matches true to who they seemed online? Yes.

I wasn’t disappointed at all and actually had a great time out with every single one of them. When you’re going for sex, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Just enjoy the dates for what they are and then get what you want to get out of them.

What Worked On GetItOn.Com

Here are a few of my favorite e-mails that had me hooked:

“Hey, I’ve never tried a sex site before. I’m recently out of a long term relationship and thought I’d see what the big deal was. I saw you are a high match for me so if you want to check out my pics and send me a message, feel free. I would love to get to know you.” YES, this works.

“I’m on this site to find hookups and to Get It On… If you like what you see, let’s start something.” Straight to the point and it worked for me!

“I have a private web cam if you want to come and see what I’m up to right now.” A free private web cam chat is always a yes.

What works is being upfront. Some of my matches were new to the site and some were experienced members but they were all honest about it and that’s why it worked out as well as it did.

Tips & Tricks Of The Site

Go where your matches are for a sure thing. If you want to hook up, you have to spend time on matches that are equally interested. You can veer off the path but you might end up at a dead end. Stick to what’s good. The site does the work of setting you up so use the service and meet singles who you connect with.

Try the free services. You get more out of your money when you use all the features that the site has to offer. If you only stick to instant messaging you’ll be missing out on everything else so venture outside of your comfort zone.

The Downside Of GetItOn.Com

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There are a lot of profiles that don’t have pictures. I would say that’s a red flag unless they are new to the site and haven’t put on up yet. Always request a pic and if you are denied, leave that match alone and go onto the next. No pic = unattractive in my book.

Why Signing Up Is A Great Idea is as good as it gets! There are thousands of available singles, the girls on here are amazingly sexy and the pictures are enough to get you to stay. Every profile picture is a tease and shows you a little peak of what you’ll get when you do hook up for that one night stand. The site guarantees that you WILL hook up within 3 months of being a member and I can honestly say that it will happen faster than that. It won’t take you 3 months unless you are being extremely picky. If you really want fast casual sex dating, you can get it within the first few days. If you want to test the waters a bit then yes, it will take a bit longer but don’t worry, you’ll have sex and lots of it.

Dating sites are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest so don’t forget to take the site for a spin and try out all that has to offer. If you do, you won’t be disappointed!