FreeHookups Review

FreeHookups Review


If casual sex dating and a one night stand are on your mind, you should check out One member shares their sex success story with the site. Are you looking for a HOT site? Skip the normal dating sites and head to for a casual hookup. There are plenty of singles to meet on here whether you’re looking for a straight or gay hookup and you will find your type in a matter of minutes. Joining is easy and it’s catered to singles who are only seeking casual hookups so you can feel comfortable knowing that you won’t meet anyone looking for a deeper commitment than a great night or 2 of some naughty action. The top 5 things that stand out on ] more than any other site are:

1. There are samples of REAL member profiles that you can view before you sign up so that you can see what you’re getting into. 2. The site is 100% free to join. 3. You don’t have to pay to chat with other matches, just click and talk. 4. The hookup success rate is listed right on the site – 92%. 5. There are always new singles signing up so you’re never stuck with the same list of matches.

The FreeHookups team has definitely done a lot of research into who their target single is, who’s signing up, and what their members are looking for. They’ve made it easy to find casual sex dating and are great at keeping the site looking and feeling fresh with daily updates and up-to-date stats and figures. Great job!


The Results Of Being A Member For 3 Months

I committed to signing up for 3 months to check out the success rate of a site that looks amazing and promises to deliver – right on their homepage. I wanted to see if the stats were real and here’s what I found:

-Out of the 100 messages sent, 81 responded (which is slightly higher than what was promised). -Out of those 81 responses, 60 dates were confirmed -60 dates were a success with 45 of those ending in sex on the first night and the other 15 were made into second dates that led to sex.

Overall, that’s pretty successful for a first time member. I overshot on the messages knowing that you don’t always get a response and I really wanted to lock down some casual sex. I’m extremely pleased with the results I got from this site.

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What Worked On FreeHookups.Com

-Don’t wait too long to reply to messages. With so many people online, you want to make sure that if you’re logged on and a girl sends you a message, you reply within 5 minutes or you risk losing that connection. -Ask specific questions like ‘What kind of date are you looking for?’ ‘Would you have sex on the first date or are you a 2 date kind of girl?’ This will give you a good idea of what your match is looking for. -Complete your profile. You’ll get way more messages if you have more than one picture, tell a little about yourself and ask questions. Keep it interesting.

Tips & Tricks Of The Site

What’s different about is that the sign up process is fast. You don’t have to answer a bunch of questions to get you matched up so you have more control over who YOU want to talk to.

You also don’t have to provide a credit card because there are no charges associated with your account. All the features on the site like e-mailing, sending pictures, chat rooms, and web cams are free to all members.

There are private invite only pages that popular members can invite you too. The longer you’re on the site, the more social you can make your experience by being invited to private pages where you can take your experience to a whole new level of naughty.

The Downside Of FreeHookups.Com

There’s not too much to list about the negatives. The site for the most part has zero kinks. The only thing you may find is that because it’s a free site, you will get pop up ads every now and then. Prevent this by installing an ad blocker and you won’t have to worry about them. The ads are pay sites and I guess every site has to make money somehow so look at it like a minor irritant for a greater reward.

Why Signing Up Is A Great Idea

Every single who’s looking for sex wants to skip dating and head straight for the one night stand. If that’s what you’re looking for find all that and more with Finally, a site that gets you exactly what it’s promising. The homepage spells out exactly what you have to look forward to and then delivers as soon as you sign up and log on. The site staff took the time to give details about what you get as a member and have put everything into a nice package right there in front of you. With this site, you feel like you’re already a member with the home page freebies of member profiles, stats and figures and an honest description of what you’ll get when you log on. I don’t know about you but I appreciate a site that it upfront and honest about what it offers and doesn’t waste the time of people who have one thing on their mind and want to find it ASAP. My experience on here was exactly what I thought it would be and I’m still a member because of it. If I want a casual one night stand, I know exactly where to look and don’t have to worry about an endless search when I have everything I want and need right in front of me.