AdultFriendFinder Review

AdultFriendFinder Review

For more than a regular sex site experience, AdultFriendFinder gives you a reason to stick around. We review why this social sex site has staying power. If you’re looking for a site that is more than a hookup site, try

You get more than sex when you join this site. It’s more of a social connection site that leads to sex over time. I liked that this site was different and more inviting for people of all ages and genders. There are still the racey pics you’d expect on the homepage of a site, to lure in the horny singles that want some action but it doesn’t scream sex site. Here’s what you get on adultfriendfinder:

-Signing up is straight forward and free -Casual Encounters -Secret affairs -Millions of members worldwide -Sexy member photos & videos -Intimate dating advice, live chat, & more

There’s a mix of ages, races, and physical attributes with the members on here so you won’t go in thinking that anyone is out of your league. You’ll fit in just fine. I did and I loved it here. It’s fast and free to get a membership and filling out additional information is completely up to you and not necessarily required. I received messages even before I put up a picture and I continued to talk to those matches after I had beefed up my profile a bit. When you join a more social site, the superficiality isn’t as strong as it is with other sex sites so you can relax a little.

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The Results Of Being A Member For 3 Months

-I sent 223 messages -I received 200 responsesScreen-Shot-2015-10-15-at-11.50.58-AM-1024x715 -First dates were set up with 60 matches -60 showed up and 53 ended in casual sex

Eventually, 200 singles can be overwhelming to keep up with. Some turn into casual sexting connections and some eventually disappear. That’s what dating sites are generally all about but you’ll always find some that are great matches and can’t wait to meet you. The 53 dates that turned into sex were great from start to finish. These were all matches rated 75% or higher based on likes and dislikes and similar profile information.

What Worked On AdultFriendFinder.Com

My success started each day with a few different things:

-I always signed in 3 times a day, morning/afternoon and evening to make sure that I caught all of my matches and sent messages and replies.

-I didn’t always lead with sex, I liked to ask general questions to get a feel for the person first.

-I always offered to meet in a public bar or restaurant and I always went back to their place or a hotel, never mine.

Tips & Tricks Of The Site

-You can organize your matches on here for easy access later as well as to rate them on most to least likely to have sex with.

-Group your favorite matches by hotness first, personality second and then ‘maybes’ after that.

-Keep in daily contact with your highest rated matches for a higher chance of getting laid.

-Request private chats with your matches so that they can’t be distracted by other guys.

-Give your matches your full attention or learn how to multitask well

The more effort you put into your connections, the more you’ll get out of them. Don’t get distracted when you’re chatting with a match or you risk having them lose interest in you and you don’t want that. I always requested private chats for that one on one conversation and it worked like a charm every time.

The Downside Of AdultFriendFinder.Com

There are some ugly girls on here. There are cougars and mature ladies who crave the youthful man meat. You need to be firm when declining an offer from one of these ladies or you will be sorry. There is no block button so even if you ‘skip’ or delete a conversation, that person can come back at any time. Take it from me, if you send a ‘nice’ reply to someone that you’re not interested in, they will take it as flirting and stick around. Be firm and decline.

Why Signing Up Is A Great Idea is the real deal. There is a mixture of singles which is the first clue that it is legit. Fake dating sites show you model-like singles giving you false hopes when you know that not every one of the 1 million members is that attractive. Adult Friend Finder is about finding adults in all shapes and sizes. The site gets to know you and sends you connections based on the matches you talk to and the matches you don’t, and the longer you’re on the site the better your matches will be. It took about 2 weeks for the matches I received to be spot on but it was worth the wait. I had a lot of options and was never disappointed.

Sex sites can be intimidating but when you have a site like Adult Friend Finder, it’s more of a social setting than a sex site and that creates a comfortable environment. It’s a good feeling to sign up and feel like you’re not pressured into being ‘on’ the minute you log into your profile. Take time and get to know your way around until you feel comfortable enough to explore your matches and send them messages. Dating sites are not created equal and this one sets itself apart as a contender for the top spot of our top sex site list. You will find a one night stand, casual sex dating or a great conversation whenever you are in the mood.